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"I truly believe when we empower others through coaching we give them a superpower other interventions don't."

Dorrianne Casey

A little bit about me

My name is Dorrianne and I'm a qualified coach and founder of DLC Coaching. I've been managing and coaching people since 2008. Ever since I left University in 2006 I have been fascinated about people and culture and the importance they have on the impact of business. However, my strengths have not always been in managing people and creating the best workplace culture. In fact when I look back at my management journey I often cringe. 

I started out as an enthusiastic, determined head strong individual. I didn't really have a clear plan or focus other than I was determined to be successful at whatever the cost. One thing I always knew is people are key to business but not always delivered on that message. For me, the levels of stress, reactive challenges and workload resulted in working very long hours, not seeing my friends and family, feeling lonely and isolated. As you can imagine I wasn't the most approachable boss.

I hated the person who I was becoming. All I wanted, was to be liked, build a team who felt valued and respected and create a happy and inclusive culture. I learnt very quickly, in order to avoid levels of stress, give 99% of myself (got to leave a little room!) that i needed to find the time to invest in my teams.  As soon as I trusted and believed in them things started to change. Well it was a starting place anyway.

There were other complications to my overwhelm...

I have had team members who are present with their own issues, managers who are distant, managers who fail to see the positives in situations, some who have their own agenda and in some cases all of the above. Being micromanaged is another situation that has left me disempowered. Although some of these are often out of our control there are ways I have combated these challenges and I want to share them with you.

I want you to feel secure, that you belong, that you are important and you have the power, resources and ability to be the leader who inspires other leaders.


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