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Disc Personality Profiling

A great self awareness tool to gain an in depth understanding of what drives you, stops you and how you can influence behaviours.

I am DISC Accredited with The Coaching Academy which means I can deliver and read detailed DISC Personality Profiles.

I can help you better understand your family, co-workers, friends and everyone with whom you interact.

You'll be able to identify how people are motivated in different and distinct ways due to personality and communication preferences.

This will help you minimise misunderstandings and when to recognise another persons challenge areas.

What to expect

  • You will understand more about yourself and others

  • You will receive a 13 page Personality Profile

  • You will feel more in control

  • You will be able to assess challenges with a more open and analytical mind

  • Decisions will seem easier to make

Outgoing personalities are energetic, talkative, and enthusiastic. They are social, enjoy being around others, and make great salespeople.

Task personalities are analytical, logical, and detail-oriented. They are great problem solvers and excel at finding solutions to difficult problems.


People personalities are compassionate, friendly, and supportive. They are great at building relationships with customers and can be very persuasive.


Reserved personalities are introverted, quiet, and private. They are independent thinkers and prefer to work alone. They are great at researching information and gathering data.

Lets Talk

Get in contact to discuss doing a DISC Personality Profile for yourself and/or your team.

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