How can SELF SABOTAGE show up in the workplace?


Self Sabotage – the disbelief in yourself and ability be successful in a task.

How does it show up in the workplace?

I’ve often wondered if everybody secretly suffers from this now and again or whether the select few choose to believe they are unworthy or choose to fear the negative results that may come from taking a leap of faith.

There are plenty of statistics out there, but I would question how true they are. At some point I believe all of us encounter self-sabotage. The reason I believe this is because it can show up in many ways. Some of us are great at combating it and others need support.

1. Fear of failure

2. Fear of perfection

3. Fear of rejection

4. Fear of not being good enough

I’m sure there are many more. Ultimately, these are beliefs we impose on ourselves to prevent us from moving forward. It can be disabling causing us to miss deadlines, not complete tasks, get frustrated easily and seep into overwhelm and make excuses that there are other priorities.

In the workplace this can be frustrating not only for the person who is suffering with self-sabotage, but for those who require them to show up and deliver.

There are, of course, other reasons why tasks may not get completed, however, as a manager, do consider this reasoning when speaking with your teams or managers you lead. Ask them questions such as:

· What is holding you back?

· What did you achieve instead of your action?

· How could you break this down into smaller more manageable steps?

Start considering helping them create strong habits. Some great tips around habit building can be found in James Clear’s Atomic Habits or Charles Duhigg’s The Power of Habit – both give great insights.