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Corporate & Small Businesses -A Bespoke Approach

Looking to develop a more engaged, productive and high performing team?

Do you have a team who seem disengaged, even the strongest members don't seem as focussed as you would expect?

Would you consider the working culture to be one of blame, lacking direction and/ or conflicting personalities?

Do you struggle to see clear leadership and fear your management teams are overwhelmed, time poor and close to burnout?

Here is an example of how I work with companies:

The key part to our working relationship is understanding the core issues and to solve them.  We dive deep into establishing these and work hard to make sure each leader in your business is showing up as their authentic self and delivering with a growth mindset.


1:1 Session with Sponsor Detail challenges and expectations of ideal outcome


2. DISC Profile & 1:1 with Management Team Self Awareness personality profile. Helps establish blind spots, personal challenges and personal goals

Support Group

3. Group Dynamics & Strategy Day Session Using each individual profile a group report (for you to keep) will be created. With this information, a clearer, more inclusive strategy can evolve giving space for a more empowered team


4. Individual Accountability Session These coaching sessions will be delivered 3-4 weeks after the Group DISC Dynamics to assess how each manager is performing and we cover a refresher on DISC as well as covering accountability.

5. Group Accountability Session

5. Group Accountability Session We establish how the strategy is going, what has gone well and what hasn't. This session is about redefining group goals to assess accountability and to solidify learnings.

6. Final Assessment Report

6. Final Assessment Report A detailed report will created outlining group state, individual state, development achieved over the course of working with you and suggestive improvements to keep you on course for personal and company growth.

Get in contact for a further understanding of how I can support your businesses cultural development

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