From the Source

I found my coaching experience with Dorrianne very helpful and beneficial. During the coaching sessions I was able to clarify my thoughts, prioritise the next steps and make clear and realistic actions plans towards reaching my goals. Dorrianne’s empowering coaching style was especially encouraging when I was running behind my ideal schedule and she made me to recongnise my smaller wins which boosted to keep pursuing my ultimate goal. She was a very good listener and feeding back my thoughts which helped me to futher reflect and notice my learnings. I really valued her skill of recognising the essential topics to focus on from my sometimes overwhelming thougths and overflowing reflections. I felt with Dorrianne’s polite, professional and heartwarming coaching style made me feel very comfortable sharing my desires and doubts openly from the beginning. I was able to not only reach my targets but also feel more capable and confident to take the actions contibuting to my goal. My biggest learning was to find a more effective way to set goals which I’ve used since! Once Dorrianne made me identify the benefits of my goals I also learned how to raise my motivation towards other goals as well.

Kaisa Siipilehto

I am so over the moon with my life coaching sessions with Dorrianne. Within 3 weeks I went having a very vague idea of wanting to change career, to having a firm business plan to something that I passionate about. Dorrianne helped me set out clear achievable goals week by week. It was so satisfying to tick them off and feel that I am moving in the right direction. Dorrianne gave me so much clarity about my future goals too. Thank you so much. I would recommend Dorrianne to anyone, really has been a life changing experience!

Kate Levy

Dorrianne is an excellent coach, since the first session she guided me in order to build up my career, to achieve my goals and to clarify all my doubts. She is very professional and at the same time she is very close and approachable.
I felt very comfortable sharing my barriers and my strengths. With her sessions I manage to stablish clear goals and work through them following the steps and getting rid all my limiting beliefs. Thanks to the sessions, I am undertaking a new project where I feel very identified with. Very pleased with the outcome.
Thank you Dorrianne for such an amazing journey.
I wish the best luck,

Fernando Oribe

Dorrianne is an absolutely brilliant coach!! Her approach is thoughtful, calm and encouraging.

She has helped me to re-discover my passion for my work and at the same time helped develop strategies for a better work-life balance- the universal goal!!!

Having the space to reflect on what is important in your life and the way you live it is invaluable and I would wholeheartedly recommend Dorrianne for anyone wanting clarity or inspiration- she is wonderful!! 

Liz Budge