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Ways of Working with Me

The goal is for us to find a connection between your personal growth goals and my experience so that you can achieve your leadership potential.

You can choose to engage in a way that suits your needs.


I work with people dedicated to creating positive culture change in their working environment.

Your level of experience will be anywhere from a new manager to a senior leader.

I also work with small business owners.


I have a hybrid way of working, where I mostly use coaching, along with sharing my experiences, which  gives your further guidance when it comes to strategising your actions and embedding valuable habits.

The Magic Happens When

  • I help you establish ways to overcome overwhelm

  • Create stickable ways to embed more productive ways of working

  • Become aware of your blind spots and understand how they can become your superpower

  • I help you see your true worth

Most Importantly

  • You lead with certainty

  • You find time for you

  • Happier you, happier team

  • You feel inspired to inspire

  • You are less stressed, more focussed

  • Your team are more responsive

  • You have purpose

  • You achieve business goals with authenticit

What Option Suits You?


6 Months

Being You

6 Weeks



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